Jason Settimi's images are renowned for their quality and unlike most other photographers, Jason uses film for black and white capture, with photos that are hand printed to exhibition standard. Many are described as works of art which have been featured in many publications and led him to receive numerous national and international awards including the two Silver High Distinction Awards bestowed by the Australian Professional Photographers Association (AIPP).


APPA 2000 - Recipient of 1 Silver and 3 Bronze award
APPA 2001 - Recipient of 3 Silver and 1 Bronze award
APPA 2002 - Recipient of 3 Silver and 1 Bronze award
APPA 2003 - Recipient of 1 Silver with distinction award
APPA 2004 - Recipient of 1 Silver and 2 Bronze award
APPA 2005 - Recipient of 2 Silver with distinction awards
Australian Achiever Awards 2000-2003 Highly Recommended
AIPP Associate Status

Featured in the following Magazines:

Wedding Magazine
Studio for Bride
Capture Magazine
Settimi Photography