Jason Settimi’s passion for portraits and weddings has made him one of Melbourne’s most sought after and exciting photographers.

His images are renowned for their quality and unlike most other photographers, Jason uses film for black and white capture, with photos that are hand printed to exhibition standard. Many are described as works of art which has led him to receive numerous national and international awards including the two Silver High Distinction Awards bestowed by the Australian Professional Photographers Association (AIPP).

Jason’s black and white portraits and wedding captures have a refined quality with a timeless appeal that provides you with the opportunity to exhibit your own deeply personal fine art, that will not only look eternally beautiful, but also tell your story.

His unobtrusive way of photographing allows him to capture those natural candid moments of love, laughter and joy that are reflected in his timeless and elegant photographs. Portrait sittings are taken within the comfort of your home, garden or at mutually selected outdoor locations. Whatever provides the perfect backdrop to your portrait or wedding  images, that will tell of the special bond that exists between you and your loved ones with an indefinable vivacity and honesty.

Jason not only understands the value of quality, he insists on giving his clients only the best.

To experience the luxury of a personalised consultation and portrait sitting, contact Jason Settimi.  

Settimi Photography